Enzymatic productivity and molecular characterization of intestinal bacteria of yellow molly (poecilia latipinna) in relation to growth

The present study deals with the enzymatic productivity and molecular characterization of intestinal bacteria of yellow molly. The identified intestinal bacteria was Escherichia sp., (YM1), Pseudomonas sp., (YM2), Staphylococcus sp., (YM3), Aeromonus sp., (YM4), Streptococcus sp., (YM5). The intestinal bacteria were qualitatively screened on the basis of their extra cellular enzyme producing ability and molecular characterization of intestinal bacteria. The digestive enzyme productivity (amylase, cellulase, lipase and protease) of intestinal bacteria was higher in Escherichia sp., (YM1) and other was lower productivity. Based on the isolation and enzymatic productivity the selected bacterium was molecular characterized. The selected bacteria Eschershia fergusonii was mass multiplied and preparation of probiotic feed. A 45 day feeding experiment was conducted to measure the effects of yellow molly with intestinal bacteria (Escherichia sp.,) brewer’s yeast (Saccharomyces cervisiae) and control feed. Six experimental feeds such as F1 control (without probiotic), F2 (1 ml of Escherichia sp.,) F3 (2ml of Escherichia sp.,) F4 (3ml of Escherichia sp.,) F5 (4ml of Escherichia sp.,) and F6 (1ml of yeast) were prepared and given to yellow molly. From the results, the growth performance like feed consumption, feed conversion efficiency, Growth, percentage growth, relative growth, gross growth efficiency and net growth efficiency was higher in feed V and lower in Feed I (without probiotic feed).

Sivakumar, P., Rajan, M.R. and Balakrishnan, R.
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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