Estimating optimum properties using enumerated data by matlab for calcium carbonate/Pp nanocomposites as bone analogue bio composite

This paper present modified polymer matrix bio composite for bone analogue and replacement. Using PP polymer as polymeric matrix give robust properties especially when used with Nano ceramic filler. Nano CaCO3 and Al2O3 proposed in this work as a filer, the optimum processing conditions for Calcium Carbonate/PP Nanocomposites as bone analogue biomaterials is sought using Enumerated data by MATLAB. Also the effect of nano sized Al2O3 on the mechanical properties was studied. ESM by MATLAB software, give an indication for optimum processing condition which are commensurate with classical experiments design. Different compositions, compounding pressure, and processing temperatures were used in this work. Composite with 5% Al2O3/20 CaCO3/75PP give the optimum mechanical properties and uniform distribution of fillers in polymeric matrix.

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Int J Inf Res Rev
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