Evaluation of expo 2016 experince with supporting the students in finacial impossibilities within the scope of the project; Agdaş Sample

The aim of the study is evaluation of EXPO 2016 trip with student and parent groups who have financial impossibilities in Gazi secondary school in Sakarya province, Karasu District in 2016-2017 academic year. The project was carried out by Sakarya University Karasu Vocational School, developed by Karasu District Directorate of National Education and supported by AGDAŞ. The fair is the first EXPO that is held in Turkey. 5 open-ended questions were asked to 25 secondary school students in order to determine their perceptions and observations after the trip to Antalya EXPO area. In the research, convenient sampling method which is used in qualitative research methods was used. The data of the research were obtained via semi-structured interview form and the data were analyzed by descriptive analysis method. In consequence of the findings, it was observed that the students regarded such a trip very positively. So it was understood that a lot of students who have never been out of the district where they have lived have possessed a great number of new ideas about science, plant science and tourism in fair, where stands of many world countries exist and they have gained permanent values on behalf of future plans.

Mehmet Alper CANTİMER and İsmail BİLGİÇLİ
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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