Experimental and numerical simulation of ballistic impact on glass fibre reinforced plastic composite panels

Ballistics is defined as the science dealing with a great variety of phenomena that occur during the impact of a projectile on a target. Demand for light weight armors, made composites more familiar in the field of armor system for personal protection. The study of ballistic impact by conducting experimental test is expensive and time consuming. Due to the complexity and costs related to ballistic experiments it is not optimal to base all impact related studies on laboratory tests alone. Therefore, a general solution technique is needed as a supplement to high-precision testing in order to reduce the experimental needs and costs to a minimum. Numerical simulation of ballistic impact of a steel projectile on glass fibre reinforced plastic composite Panel is investigated to get the knowledge in numerical simulation using 3-D nonlinear dynamic explicit finite element code. The plastic kinematic hardening material model is used. Finite element simulations are carried out with semi spherical nose bullet. Knowledge gained in this analysis is extended to understand the material behavior under impact of glass-epoxy laminate using ANSYS/AUTODYN a general purpose non-linear dynamicmodeling and simulation software. Trial simulations are conducted and results are discussed.

Kavitha, S., Umadevi, R, and Sugandha, N.,
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