Exploring problematic areas of word difficulty encountered by sudanese efl learners of english a case study of atbara secondary schools

Nowadays Sudanese students who are learning English as a foreign language usually experience difficulties on the part of lexical studies,which represent a stumbling block for the language acquisition, especially the these words have become part and parcel of the universal concept of the language and its knowledge. These difficulties can be classified into two main types: • Inter - lexical factors: These are directly associated with the inner parts of the word such as pronunciation, form, inflection, and interference with the similar sounds ,in addition to the parts of speech, and aspects of the idioms and the semantic knowledge of the language . • Intra –lexical factors: These are externally related to the word, such as the concepts of classification , linguistic limits and cultural differences ,with regards to the use of the word. The distinction between these classifications may contribute to the reduction of the word's difficulty and it may also assists the learners in their acquisition. Itaims atdisplaying the useful channels that are liable to support the student's rate of vocabulary acquisition, finding out the extent to which the Sudanese learners of English can overcome the problems of word difficulty learning, and investigating aspects pertaining to vocabulary difficulty among Sudanese learners of English.

Dr. Mohammed Bakr
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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