Genetic algorithm assisted quality-aware web service retrieval and web service composition

Due to the continuous growth of web application, service computing received much attention among the researchers for invoking the services based on the user requirement. The invoking of service details pose new challenging because of the large availability of web services and the demand of quality-enabled services. For accommodating these two challenges, different works are presented in the literature for web service selection and composition. This paper presents web service composition after selecting different service through service selection criteria in accessing their desired services. The proposed module includes service selection model using genetic algorithm and through cost optimization strategy and web service composition. The service selection aims to select the required services by optimizing the cost model without much concentrating on the technical details. The optimization method using genetic algorithm automatically selects the suitable services and its composed form of results with the best user-desired quality. The service selected by the genetic model is then given for web service composition process to compete with each other to generate the best plan.

Poonam Yadav
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