Goal orientations and motivation to learn as factors of mathematics performance of bachelor of science in mathematics students

The descriptive - correlational method was used to determine whether 2 GO and MTL affect mathematics performance. A sample of 96 third year BS Mathematics studentsof PUPenrolled in 1st semester of S.Y. 2008 - 2009 was obtained through random sampling. Based on findings, the study found out that the level of the respondents in LGO, PGO and MTL are all high. The performance of students in DE, LP, OR and PTwhen combined together is fair. Only DE alone got poormathematics performance. Both LGO and PGO have significant relationship with mathematics performance while MTL alone has no significant relationship with mathematics performance. Generally, when three factors are taken together, there is asignificant relationship in mathematics performance.In coordination with the findings holding MTLalone is not a good predictor of mathematics performance. Future studies involving other factors should be considered to understand poor performance in differential equations.

Avelino G. Ignacio Jr.
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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