Heavy metal analysis of soil samples collected from in and around satna

The physico-chemical parameters (i.e. temperature, pH, EC, organic carbon) and heavy metal (i.e. Manganese, Iron, Cobalt, copper, Zinc) has been examined in the soil samples of Satna district. The values ranges of different parameters temperature- 22-28 0C, pH- 7.60-8.80, EC- 0.69-3.20, organic carbon- 0.27-2.10, Mn- 16.3-36.8, Fe- 59.7-157.2, Co- 6.54-19.12, Cu-15.19-83.4 and Zn- 45.1-96.2 mg/kg were found in soil of Satna district. Fe and Zn content were found in all the samples are below than the (SQGL) recommended values.

Indra Prasad Tripathi and Arvind Prasad Dwivedi
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