Helminth infection pattern of ptychadena mascareniensis from daloa city (ivory coast) with respect to frog’ age and sex

Population of Ptychadena mascareniensis from Daloa city wetlands (Ivory Coast) were investigated for understand helminth infection pattern regarding to hosts’ age and sex. A total of 115 specimens of this species were examined. From this population, 67 specimens were infected. We encountered 10 acanthocephalan, 157 nematoda and 231 trematoda. These helminth parasites were identified as Centrorhynchus sp. (acanthocephala), Cosmocercoides variabilis (nematoda) and Haplometroides eburnense (trematoda). The overall prevalence rates were high except for infections with acanthocephala. Adult hosts prevalence of nematoda and trematoda infections were higher than juveniles. No acanthocephalan was found from juveniles. The prevalence of each helminth in both sexes were almost the same values. The mean intensity of trematoda infection were higher than acanthocephala and nematoda infections. Thus, the highest values of intensity of acanthocephala and nematoda infections were obtained in females. In addition, the correlations between the age or the sex of frogs and the parasitic load were generally low and not significant (r ≤ 0.257; p ≥ 0.337). Only in juveniles, the number of trematodes increases with the size of host (r = 0.631; p = 0.016). Thus, helminth infection pattern was influenced by host diet behavior.

N’Guessan Emmanuel ASSEMIAN, Kotchi Yves BONY, Koffi Félix KONAN, N’Guessan Gustave ALIKO, Hervé Konan OUSSOU
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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