Idol worship means worship of two basic building blocks (not set of informations code cpcs), the smallest idols of the universe. Fundamental belief of all religions of the world is same. on this fundamental basis secret of gita, quran and bible is same. A

It is being believed that Muslims do not do idol worship. It is myth. Before origin of the universe all things were in form of tachyons particles which are made up of two basic building blocks – Yang and Yin or mind and mass part of reality (Not set of informations Code PcPs – Originator of all sets of informatins Code PcPs). To understand concept of idol worship we have to understand Basic Building Blocks (B.B.B – Mind – CCP, Code PcPs or set of informations and CP and Mass – Fig. 1). The Creator B.B.B or Almighty B.B.B has considered them as smallest idols. Hence He has made idol picture of male and female parallel to these B.B.Bs Fig 1. The fundamental belief of all religions on which the base (Main Pillors) of all religions is stood are these two God particles and the fundamental worship is Idol worship of these two God particles. At the end of universe all sciences fundamentals (shapes, laws, and properties) would be no more but religious fundamental about God particles and their Idol worship would persist in form of “I” or “Satyam Shivum Sunderum ” Muslim do believe that Allaha means The Creator only. After researching 99 names in the light of science and the paper published in Journal (1), we found that the word Allaha means – Primary God, Secondary God, tertiary God, trinity, and Tawhid. in the light of science. His portrait Fig 14 represents Tachyon particle (One yang B.B.B and many Yins B.B.B) apart from Creation and Destruction of universe under control of Almighty B.B.B. The admiring of this Almighty B.B.B is Allaha ho Akbar. Worship of Tertiary God is also Idol worship as these are made up of smallest idol of the universe Fig 15. Hence All worships are Idol worship in this universe as all are made up of smallest idol called B.B.Bs, the true fundamental belief of all religions. This belief persists even after destruction of the universe in form of “I”.

Dr. V. M. Das
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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