Immediate replacement of dental element and follow-up of the case for 18 years –case report

Introdution: Dental avulsion is understood as the complete displacement of the dental element from which it is housed, in fact, In the alveolus, after suffering a traumatic injury. The therapy after dental avulsion depends on clinical factors associated with the trauma, such as: periodontal ligament conditions, rhizogenesis and period that the tooth passed outside the alveolus. Case Report: Patient M.F.B.N, feoderma, 20 years old, attended a private clinic as a matter of urgency. The same had the dental element 22 avulsed inside a glass without containing liquid of any nature and reported that the tooth avulsion after a bicycle accident. A very minute clinical and radiographic examination was performed in order to find fractures and lacerations in the adjacent tissues. A semi-rigid fixation with wire 0.3 mm was maintained maintaining the dental element in the alveolus and the accompaniment. Final Considerations: Through the results obtained in this study, corroborates that it is necessary the endodontic treatment after the replantation, since the teeth develop the pathophysiological characteristics that it needs of endodontic intervention.

Ítalo Kennedy Silva Santos, Jefferson David Melo de Matos,Cicero Uris Furtado dos Santos Júnior, Elisabete Vellano Pinheiro,Antonio Jackson Andrade Gonzaga de Oliveira, Bruna Caroline Gonçalves de Vasconcelos,Eliane Maria Gonçalves Moreira de Vasc
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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