Impact assessment of exposure visits and feedback of atma stakeholders

The present study was conducted purposefully in selected block of Periyanacikenpalayam of Coimbatore district in order to assess the impact and feed back of exposure visit of ATMA stakeholders with the sample size of 105 respondents of ATMA stakeholders. The numbers of respondents for each category of exposure visits namely within the district, within the state and outside the state were selected by simple random sampling method. The results of the study revealed that more than eighty per cent of the farmers felt that the exposure visits were need based, fulfilled the subject matter, self confidence, decision making capacity, leadership quality and skill were increased greatly through exposure visit. This might be due to the fact that farmers may have an opportunity to discuss freely with their fellow farmers and scientists about the new technologies or practices exposed during the visits and which might have them an idea to modify or adopt the existing practices. Further it could be provided an opportunity to see the results, performance, their economic advantage and market value of new technologies or practices exposed during the visits.

Premavathi, R. and Kalaivani, S.
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