The impact of supervisory leadership style on job satisfaction: A Sri Lankan Case

Today business organizations are operating in a very competitive environment where Human Resource has become a sustainable competitive advantage and the employee performance is the key to increase organizational performance with the ultimate purpose of achieving its goals and objectives. Building a satisfied workforce in an organization is critical for any organization which contribute to increase quality of products and efficiency level of organization. Job satisfaction is directly influenced by the leadership style among many other factors which determine the job satisfaction. Following the issue this study aims to find out the impact of Transformational and Transactional Leadership style on employee job satisfaction. Respondents were 97 machine operators selected by purposive sampling method. Data were collected through a standard and validated questionnaire. Hypotheses were tested by using multiple regression analysis and result showed, both transformational and transactional leadership style have a significant positive impact for employee job satisfaction. Compared to the transactional leadership style, transformational leadership style has more impact on machine operators’ Job Satisfaction level.

Sarojani, R.N. and Thiranagama, A. W.
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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