The impact of the technological progress on the industry of the public service

It is undoubtedly recognized that the current world witnesses rapid and deep changes at various levels (economics, politics, science…). This situation has altered the ways of how the ideas are conceived as inputs and how are treated in such a way to generate the efficient and profitable outputs. The information technology and especially the using of internet is not the exception. It remolded both the design of the information treated (input) and the processing of that information. Besides, this electronization transformed the platforms of interactions between employee within an organization or a public service (intra-industry effect) or between the service and its clients (industry-client approach). This paper tries to highlight the channels through which the electronic using process impacts the progress and the efficiency of the public administrations taken as an example.

Mostéfaoui Sofiane and Yousfat Ali
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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