An investigation of Enterobacteragglomerans (Pantoeaagglomerans) and Klebsiellapneumoniae from aborted mares

Enterobacteragglomerans (Pantoeaagglomerans) and Klebsiellapneumoniaare opportunistic Enterobacteriaceae, lactose fermenting and a Gram-negative rod. It is apprisedas commensal pathogens of animal and human.Isolation and identification of Enterobacteragglomerans (Pantoeaagglomerans) and Klebsiellapneumoniae from aborted mares were depended on the characters and features of colonies on blood agar plate and McConkey agar plates in addition to biochemical tests to isolated colonies from aborted cases according to Microbact™ Gram-negative system. Five mares have been aborted.Pure colonies of Enterobacteragglomerans (Pantoeaagglomerans) were isolated from two mares while pure colonies of Klebsiella pneumonia were isolated from one mare. Mixed infection of Enterobacteragglomerans (Pantoeaagglomerans), Klebsiellapneumoniae, Escherichia coli and Citrobacter spp. was isolated from two-aborted mare. Abortion rate in mares was 5.9 % (5/85). Isolated colonies of Enterobacteragglomerans (Pantoeaagglomerans) were susceptible to Ciprofloxacin (CIP) (100%) whilst isolated colonies of Klebsiella pneumonia were susceptible to Ceftriaxone (CRO) (100%). Both of two species were resistant to Ampicillin (AMP), Gentamicin (CN) and Tetracycline (TE).The isolation of Enterobacteragglomerans(Pantoeaagglomerans) and Klebsiellapneumoniae from vaginal cervico swabs after mare’s abortion suggests them to be a cause of abortion in mares.

Mosa Mohamed Bahnass
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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