Isaf performance in afghanistan and its conformity with international law

ISAF (international security assistance force) is an international force to assist the Afghanistan which has been established based on the united Nation thought. After September 11th, This force is formed when the Taliban government collapsed to assist transferring and stabilizing the government of Hamed Karzay in Afghanistan. The aims of this force were making secure and safe structures in Afghanistan and to reconstruct Afghanistan and training and forming secure forces in Afghanistan future. This research is trying to evaluate the ISAF performance in relation with the international law. According to the evaluations, the ISAF main activities in Afghanistan with international law and international regulation are compatible, but in some items that typically is related to the human law, it is against the international law and due to discrepancy with the international law such as causalities of ordinary people during fight against terrorism by ISAF is the sample of human right violation but does ISAF have any other solution except this way? Is it possible to kill a cancer tumor without killing any living cell by the chemical treatment?

Mirkamaldin Mousavi, Soghra Zabet and Ayub Amir Kvasmy
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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