Key indicators to analyzing health it in healthcare sector

We can expect more hospitals adopting integrated information systems and, in turn, more such solutions being developed. The learning by doing’ concept is sure to lead to better innovations and improvements in information systems. But that is one side of the picture the other side –and an equally improvement one – is the implementation and servicing that a vendor provides. One of the immediate major challenges today is to get doctors to overcome their reluctance and use IT regularly. The good news on this front is that things can only get better on this front as IT is fact becoming an integral part of the life of the common man. Interestingly the Revenue Management of the hospital / HCO is the thrust area in the industry. HR, Finance, Admin, Supply chain Management are the main area of focus in this healthcare industry due to profit margin view of the newly emerged corporate set up, other way we can say that, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) boosted up with the entry of corporate quality culture of the corporate hospitals, and give much lesser importance to the area like Clinical Information System (CIS) and PACS, RIS, EPMR, WARD Management etc were no income generates directly.

John Sakhi and Dr. Mohd Vaseem Ismail
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