Land adjudication process for land rights in mainland tanzania: is it a remedy to village land disputes?

Land is vital for human survival. It serves human interests in almost all spheres including but not limited to political and socio-economic aspects. However, the struggle for acquiring land rights has been influenced by various issues which involve among other things, determination of boundaries over a particular tract of land. This process, commonly known as land adjudication has been tainted with procedures through which prescribed owners of land have been vested with such land rights upon identifying clear boundaries of land. This has been implemented particularly at a village land. In so doing, it is well established that security of tenure over the village land is maintained as well as village land use planning. Notwithstanding the above proposition, this paper provides the overview on land rights adjudication in Mainland Tanzania. Meanwhile this paper examines the entire process for land adjudication over the village land. Similarly, an appraisal on legal framework on how land adjudication is implemented has been a concern of this paper. Furthermore, this paper reveals contradictory issues in the course of land adjudication and the likelihood of causing village land dispute. The lines of argument within which such circumstances exist have been well expressed within this paper. In this regard therefore, this paper highlights specific parts of the law which need attention for effective operation of the village land adjudication in Mainland Tanzania.

Sigsbert Ngemera
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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