Multicultural education in the life of nation, state, and religion in Islam perspective

The diversity of social relations, culture, religion, ethnicity and dialects (languages) regional become reality nationality undeniable existence. The existence of this plurality must be expressed in a mutual symbiotic relationship building interfaith living in a large community like Indonesia. According to Ainul Yaqin (2007: 3-4) that Indonesia is one of the largest multicultural state in Indonesia. This fact is evident from the socio-cultural and geographical so diverse and extensive. HajjahBainar, et. al. (2006: 98-99) writes that the structure of Indonesian society is a society that is diverse and dynamic. It marked the diversity of ethnicity, religion, race, language, and culture. Pluralism became cultural property into power but it also contains the potential for conflict. Homeland is a portrait of a pluralist State which inhabit about 17 667 islands terbentung from Sabang to Merauke concatenated into one. Indonesia comprises around 962 ethnic groups with diverse cultures, religions, languages (dialects). These elements prove their pluripotency. Understanding of Multicultural education is a necessity that must be communicated to all elements of the nation's very diverse. On one hand keeping the state ideology is a must, on the other Indonesia with the largest Muslim country Indonesia often once identified terrorist states cap, because the act of a few community that irresponsible with on behalf of Muslims, even though the action was not justified by religion. aquí es donde importance initiated a dialogue between the community of faith to answer the problem to date with issues that are so complex, so it will be realized a meeting point in struggle understand the ideology of each that should not be hands-on with each Ideology every community of religion, because each religion is guaranteed by law OF basis in the frame Bennika Tunggal Ika, Republic of Indonesia, Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution (Article 29: 1,2 1945)

Abdul Muid
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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