N-acetyl-aspartate as an evaluation method for the effectiveness of cognitive rehabilitation in military personnel in active service with traumatic brain damage

Introduction: This research work, evaluated by means of magnetic resonance spectroscopy the response to treatment for 3 months with cognitive rehabilitation in those military personnel who are in the active service of the Navy of Mexico, and who during their activities performed by and during the time of service, they have suffered some kind of closed head injury and that from this they have had as a complication the development of mild cognitive deterioration, determining this event as traumatic brain injury, being of the utmost importance the evaluation of this pathology and his treatment because this can determine the improvement in his lifestyle and mental health of the military, his incorporation to the competent activities to the service or determine the need for retirement in a timely manner. Objective: To determine the effectiveness of N-Acetyl-Aspartate as a method of evaluating treatment with cognitive rehabilitation, in active service soldiers with traumatic brain injury. Material and methods: This work is a quasi-experimental analytical study, with pre-post intervention design or determined as a test of the usual clinical practice, in which the cognitive rehabilitation treatment in the active service military will be evaluated. who have suffered a traumatic brain injury and who, as a sequel, have had cognitive impairment. Procedure: The response to treatment with the measurement of the metabolite N-Acetyl-Aspartate will be determined by means of magnetic resonance spectroscopy taken before the cognitive rehabilitation treatment and at the end of this, to establish if there were changes in the mild cognitive deterioration in a analysis both clinical and by image. Statistical analysis: The evaluation of N-Acetyl-Aspartate was carried out by means of a statistical analysis with Student's T, finding that the differences between pre- and post-treatment were statistically significant, identifying increase of all baseline scores.

Dr. Juan Alejandro Solórzano Cabrera and Dr. Omar Belio Hernandez
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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