Patient safety – reporting of adverse drug reactions (adrs)

Abstract: The issue of patient safety has been brought to the attention of the medical community in 1999 through a report of the US Institute for Medicine titled “To Err Is Human.” In 2004, the World Health Organization launched the initiative “Patient safety – a Global Challenge” and established the World Alliance for Patient Safety. Owing to scientific progress, many new medications are being introduced in the market. In result of this “medicinal explosion,” a need arises for the health specialists to inform their patients about any possible adverse drug reactions (ADRs) and to report about any suspected new ADRs. Objective: This article intends to trace one aspect of patient’s safety related to the use of medications, and this is the reporting of Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs). Methods and materials: We conducted an anonymous survey among the medical specialists (physicians and chemists) in the territory of Varna, Bulgaria with regard to the frequency of ADRs reported by them. Results: All specialists take into consideration the risks inherent to the use of medications and all specialists share that they observe ADRs in their practice; however, all respondents unanimously shared that they did not report about observed ADRs neither on the page of the Bulgarian Drug Agency, nor though the Yellow Card.

Tsvetkova, A. Todorova, A., Tsvetkov and Dimitrov, M.
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