The performance appraisal of veterinarians in basra veterinary hospital basra governorate/Iraq- 2016

This study designated to evaluate the performance appraisals(PAs) of veterinarians in Basra veterinary hospital in Basra governorate. Ninety nine (99) participants were included in this test. The participants consisted of 49 and 9 of old veterinary doctors and resident veterinary doctors respectively, and 14 and 27 of fourth and third year veterinary students respectively / college of veterinary medicine / Basra university. The results of this study revealed that resident veterinary doctors category revealed the higher percentage 80.00 in response to questions and accuracy. In addition, 4th year veterinary student revealed the higher and accurate response in compare to 3rd year. One of the most desired purpose of this is to argue why educators should design more effective systems of evaluation that are responsive to the needs of educational program planning.In conclusion, this study showed the importance of PA in the evaluation of career of veterinarians and its future advantages on the performance of the veterinarians.

Mudhar A. S. Abu Tabeekh
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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