Physico-chemical studies on ground water and surface water in and around katni city, Madhya Pradesh

Katni is located in the Mahakoshal region of central India. The Katni district extends Frome latitude 230 37’ N to 24080’ N and 79057’ E to 80058’E. The district has an area of 4949.52 km2 with a population of 1064167. The present study was conducted during the month of March to july-2015. Thirty two samples were collected from bore wells, hand pumps, and river of three different area (industrial, Residential and surface water) of Katni city. The procedures were followed as per the standard methods. Temperature, nitrate, sulphates and copper content of all the samples of study are were below the permissible limit prescribed by WHO. As a conclusion, Surface water and ground water in the study area were greatly affected from the anthropogenic activities, especially industrial activities, waste water drains and leakage from sewage system and agriculture activities.

Indra Prasad Tripathi, Arvind Prasad Dwivedi and Rinku Sahu
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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