The policy of local government on society empowerment with the perspective of archipelago insight (wawasan nusantara) for developing the communication of nation’s politic in autonomy era

Community participation in the implementation of regional development is one absolute requirement in this era of freedom and openness. Waiver of these factors, proved to have caused significant deviation towards the goal of development itself that the overall efforts to improve the welfare of society. Leadership is closely related to communication, the purpose of communication is to be equal significance. Basically similarity of meaning is an attempt to influence because the intended meaning is what is meant by the intended party on the other. The problem in this research is the Local Government Policy in Community Empowerment With a Perspective Archipelago Nation to Increase Political Communication in the Age of Autonomy, Methods used are normative juridical , using the primary legal materials are sourced from literature , while penerikan do deductive conclusion. Research shows that in regional development mechanisms developed in the concept of community empowerment is based on Pancasila, the government as a public body has a major role, especially for developing nations perspective Indonesia (Wasantara) on regional development.

Dr. Indra Muchlis Adnan, H.
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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