The position of phraseological units and stylistic-poetic features in aesthetics of lyric genre

Poetic language of Huseyn Arifis the style born of unity of symmetry and rhythm. “writing and expression method, architectonics of artistic work, organization of image, collection of main elements of literary form, the literary synthesis of conditional attitude to life and society and etc. is of poetic event limit in handwriting of the poet. He builds the poetic contents of poems, poetry of the text on the aesthetic-semantic specificity of the language materials with special maturity. That’s why, the possibilities of the literary word in the language of Arif are endless. There is not any stagnation situation of speech units in his hemistiches. As a poet always striving to fresh poetic saying of the view, he could express soft psychological moments, real poetic scenes, the highest and magnificent feelings, joyful and sad moments with his language full of words, rich word reserve. There is not any artificiality, extreme rhetoric, primitiveness, unnecessary repetitions, confusion of view and sentence contradicting to the main principles of the literary language culture. This word using principle reflects itself with whole salience in the moment of use of phraseological units. The stylistic shades of phraseological units in poet language of Huseyn Arif arise in excellent forms. It creates poetic effect by bringing special pathos and emotionality to the hemistiches, rich semantic load passes to the content and it plays a leading role in turning the lyric subject to comprehensive literary analysis.

Mirzayev Habib Adil
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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