Prevalence and characterization of campylobacter jejuni in small-scale poultry slaughter house

The aim of the current work was to evaluate the prevalence, antimicrobial susceptibility and biofilm formation of Campylobacter jejuni isolated from different poultry meat retail shop. The samples were collected from different slaughtering level. Chicken sampling at slaughterhouses was performed for Knife, Liver, Chest, Intestine, Machine, Chopping board, weighing balance and washing water (each 7). Totally 41 isolates were identified as Campylobacter jejuni and were tested for susceptibility to 10 antimicrobial agents by the disk diffusion method. The highest probability of antimicrobial resistance occurrence of C. jejuni was noticed for betalactam group antibiotics tested, such as ampicillin (83%) and second most in a Cephalosporin group of Cephataxime (71%). A more frequent profile of multidrug resistance was noticed for isolates from Intestine (56%). In addition, 20 of biofilm positive isolates were observed. These results reinforce the need of efficient strategy implementation to control and reduce Campylobacter in chickens at slaughter levels, and the necessity to reduce the use of antimicrobials in the poultry sector.

Vinoth Kumar, V. and Dr. N. Hema Shenbagam
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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