Realization of and or optical logic gates using 2d photonic crystal structure

A novel scheme for implementation of all-optical logic gate based on 2D photonic crystal structure has been proposed. Photonic crystal structure is comprised of two-dimensional lattice of air holes in a square Silicon substrate having refractive index of 3.15. The Finite Different Time Domain (FDTD) simulation is used to analyze the behavior of the structure. The operational wavelength of the input ports is 1.55μm. Since the structure has a simple geometric with clear operating principle, it is potentially applicable for photonic integrated circuits. The logic operations are realized by a control signal and the input signal (s) applied across two adjacent faces, while the output is obtained along one of the remaining face. No control signal is used for AND Gate, However to realize OR, NOT and NOR Gates a control signal is applied at the third face.

Surjya Narayana Achary, J., Ashisha Kumar Hotta and Sukanta Kumar Tripathy
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