Recognition and extraction of noise from images using improved median filter

Noise is any unwanted component in an image. It is important to eliminate noise in the images before some subsequent processing, such as edge detection, image segmentation and object recognition. This work mainly concentrates on automatic detection and efficient removal of impulse (salt and pepper) noise. For automatic detection of impulse noise, a method based on probability density function is proposed. The basic idea of automatic detection is that the difference between the probabilities of black and white pixels will be small. After detecting the presence of impulse noise in an image, we have to remove that noise. For the removal of impulse noise a new efficient impulse noise removal method (Modified SDROM filter) is proposed. The Modified SDROM consists of two parts 1) Impulse detector and 2) Filter. The results show that this method has higher performance than other methods in terms of PSNR values and SSIM-Index values.

Sathya Jose, S.L. and Dr. Sivaraman, K.
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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