Rehabilitation prosthesis provided to the partially edentulous patients visiting piramerd dental center

Background: Teeth are the fundamental component of the entire stomatognathicsystem. Aim: the objective of the study was to figure out the prevalence of modes of rehabilitation provided to manage the partial edentulism. Methodology: The study conducted on 180 patients (108 females and 72 males) who were treated with different types of partial denture and visited piramerd dental center for routine dental treatment. The prevalence of different mode of rehabilitation was detected. Result: Acrylic RPD was found in 57.77% of the patients, Fixed partial dentures was found in 35.55%, Cast RPD was found in 4.44% and dental implant was found in 2.22%. Conclusion: The most frequent type of dental rehabilitation was Acrylic RPD, while the dental implant was the least type. Female found to seek dental rehabilitation more than males.

Dr. Arivan Mahmood Hama
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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