Relevance of sustainable tourism in the Philippines: case of boracay island and puerto princesa city

Tourism industry serves as one of the top incomes of several countries due to its contribution to the economic development and welfare for its people. However, the tourism industry also has negative impacts to the environment and to the community. In order to address these issues, several nations are shifting to sustainable tourism as an alternative. With the practices of sustainable tourism and its fast growth to many developing countries such as the Philippines which resulted for natural resources preservation and economic development at the same time. Thus, it is in this frame of reference that this paper will provide insights on how sustainable tourism practices, particularly in Boracay and Puerto Princesa as two of the leading tourist destination sites is beneficial to the country. The study was conducted for a period of two months and gathered data coming from the Department of Tourism, City Tourism Offices and Key informants. Policies were also implemented by their local governments to ensure that sustainable tourism practices are maintained. Community based participation is highly recommended because this concept will provide additional employment to the community within the rural areas of the tourist destinations.

Jazztin Jairum P. Manalo
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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