Resource scheduling of bag-of-tasks workflows on cloud environments

During 21st century of Engineering and Technology, Internet-based service and performance computation is playing a significant role in cyber world and physical world. It was perceived that computing paradigm meet the challenges of everyday needs of human community. The present scenario demands cloud computing, the latest computing paradigm basically steps on form of demand computing, pay-as-you-use on-demand basis. In this paper, we addresses Multi-objective Resource scheduling(MORS) and optimizing resources employing with Game Theory in order to achieve high resource utilization and users meet their work performance need with Low cost as well as Low Convergence Rate. Then we present cloud Environment in order to allocate resources by using Multi-Objective Resource Scheduling (MORS) for employed game theory. Cloud computing is the largest and latest distributed-paradigm where it has a tremendous impact & opportunities on the distributing systems of cloud computing techniques in order to solve large scale scientific problems. Hence, Game Theory Based Multi-objective Resource scheduling as well as the rules of elasticity in heterogenic of the computing resources has to be discussed in this proposed thesis. By taking two variables such as an independent variable and dependent variable, the first variable contains the Bags-of- Tasks (BoTs) of various resources and the second variable also analysing about the mode of work flow with a hedonistic sprit. However, we are trying to our level best to justify the invited article which has to be represented a generic model of heuristic scheduling algorithms with multi-objectives of Game-theory and cloud computing in order to scheduling its problems in the present scenario of the real world optimization, characterized by a number of Con-current Bags-Of –Tasks (CBoTs) i.e. Homogeneous which are the main sources of bottle neck and open great potential for Heterogeneous Workflow Optimization (HWO).

Nihar Ranjan Hota and Ipsit Ranjan Joshi
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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