A review on theimpact of climate change in environment, coastal and marine ecosystem

Ecosystem enhances and benefits human folk fore in several ways ever since. In recent years the green house effect concentration leads to various disorders in our environment. This review paper summarizes about the impact of our environment in the coastal and marine ecosystem affecting the shorelines, estuaries, coastal wetlands, and the coral reefs and also affecting the coastal margin ecosystem. The sea level concentration, alternate in precipitate patterns in the fresh water nutrients and sediment increase in oceanic temperatures and hence leads to the change in the coastal storms. This paper explains the intertidal waves and reefs with its hazards by sediment capture, wave alternation, erosion reduction storm surges and debris movements. Furthermore it emphasizes on the current status of marine and coastal ecosystem. Moreover this paper explains about the eutrophification of estuaries in the coastal and marine estuaries. Finally this paper even summarizes about the basic problems faced by both marine and coastal ecosystems which is based from the literature reviews. Explicate analysis will ensure the management plans successfully and thus it balances the range of society goals for an ecosystem.

Dr. Revathy K. and Josephine Adeline. A
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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