Role of socio-economic factors in rural-urban migration: a case study on maheswarpara village in Khulna District, Bangladesh

This article examined the role of socio-economic factors that acts as a centrifugal and centripetal force of migration in Maheswarpara village of Khulna district. Therefore, net migration rate are computed based on data from Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics. Data are also collected from Focus Group Discussion and Participatory Rural Appraisal to determine the score of push and pull factors of migration. The rank of the combined score shows that unemployment and job opportunity in the surrounding magnet city is the main driving force of migration that affects rural economy. Effective urban management policy, agro-based industry, decentralization of urban economy etc. are recommended for planned urbanization and sustainable rural development.

Jannat Ara Ferdousi, Sohel Rana and Bijoy Dash Gupta
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Int J Inf Res Rev.
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