Seasonal incidence and bioefficacy of granular insecticides against sugarcane early shoot borer, chilo infuscatellus (snellen) in western of maharashtra

The infestation of C. infuscatellus was first observed at 10th MW.The peak dead hearts was observed during 13th to 14th MW.The studies on seasonal incidence indicated significantly correlation between incidence of early shoot borer and temperature. Whereas negatively correlated with minimum temperature, humidity and rainfall. An investigation was undertaken with an objective to Study the relative bioefficacy of granular insecticides viz., Cartap hydrochloride 4 G, indoxacarb 1, Fipronil 0.3G, Ferterra 0,4 G, Carbofuron 3G, Lasenta 80.WG, Phorate10 Chlorpyriphos 10 G against early shoot borer, Chilo infuscatellus (Snellen) on sugarcane during Suru season on farmers field. . All the new insecticide molecules treatments were observed to be effective in reducing the heavily infestation of shoot borer on sugarcane. The granular insecticides lasenta 80 WG @ 250 g a.i./ha proved to be most effective against C. infuscatellus where 5.12 and 3.17 per cent dead hearts were recorded at first application and second application respectively. The next best treatment in order of their effectiveness were ferterra 0.4 G @ 30 g a.i./ha, fipronil 0.3G @ 7.5 g a.i./ha, cartap hydrochloride 4 G @ 750 g a.i./ha, chlorpyriphos 10 G @ 1 kg a.i./ha, carbofuran 10 G @ 750 g a.i./ha and phorate 10 G 750 g a.i./ha.

Nilesh Bhawar, Pandurang Mohite and Sarjerao Patil
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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