Seroprevalence of igg and igm to toxoplasmosis among pregnant women in south-east of Iran

Toxoplasmosis is one of the most prevalent zoonotic diseases worldwide that following the consumption of raw or half-cooked or through contamination with infected cat feces, as well as congenital Toxoplasma gondi is transmitted through the placenta to the fetus. In pregnant women, Toxoplasmosis is mostly without any symptoms and in warm climatic conditions usually more common than cool climatic and mountainous. The serological techniques are most important methods for diagnosis. This study was a cross - sectional that 185 sera samples were collected from pregnant women referring to reference laboratory clinic of Nikshahr district in 2012 and the IgG and IgM Antibody levels against Toxoplasma in their sera were examined using ELISA method.10.3% cases out of all samples were IgG positive and in 0.55% cases IgG and IgM both positive for Toxoplasmosis. Among participants in this survey 98.9% had the history of consuming raw vegetables, 9.7% with the history of consuming half-cooked meat, 78.9% with the history of not using disinfectant materials in washing vegetables, 5.4% had the history of contacting cats and 16.8% had consumed contaminated water. This study for the first time demonstrated 89.7% of pregnant women in Nikshahr district were serologically negative against IgG Toxoplasma antibody. However, such community that given the low level of safety and risks of infection during pregnancy and its complications, the public education system, health care is important to prevent infection

Adel Ebrahimzadeh, Mohammad Mousavi, and Khadije Saryazdi
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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