Socio-economic development of primitive tribes: an empirical study in adilabad district

India has largest concentration of tribal communities in the world except that in Africa. The tribal groups of India are known to be the autochthonous people of the land. This paper examines the development of the primitive tribes in Adilabad district. Nearly 60% respondents are in young age group. Majority tribes of the study area illiterates. About 91% respondents are got married and 87% are follows Hindu religions. Majority respondents are adopted cultivation as their primary occupation and they possess below five acres of dry land. 91% sample respondents use to work in agriculture as labourer for 25 days in a month. 31% tribes do not have any skills and 58% are practicing mono cropping pattern. 52% primitive tribes acquired the modern inputs from Integrated Tribal Development Agency. 87% respondents are earning income less than1500 rupees per month. 73% respondents are opinion that they have got awareness on schemes and programmes of ITDA.

Dr. Suresh Lal, B. and Silver Devanna
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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