Socio-economic status of child beggars in sylhet city, Bangladesh

The study was carried out to investigate the Socio-economic Status of Child Beggars in Sylhet City. In this study, total numbers of 90 child beggars were interviewed by the author during February to April in 2016. Data was collected by well-organized questionnaire and using interview schedule and face-to-face interviewed from the respondents. Simple random sampling techniques were used. Various socio-economic and demographics variables were considered at the time of data collection. But in this paper only socio-economic variables are used. The study finds that 84.4% child beggars in Sylhet city were boys and 15.6% were girls. The study also reveals that 64.4% child beggars came from the age group 10-14 years and about 54.4% respondents involves in begging approximately 6 to 10 hours in a day. They are involved in begging because of their poverty and 48.9% of them get more than 121 Tk. per day in begging. The study finds that 45.6% of the respondents live with their mother. Almost two-third of the child beggars (62.2%) lives at slum/low income settlement.

Tanwne Sarker, Rana Roy, Dr.Mitu Chowdhury and Rakibul Hasan
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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