Spleen benign and malignant neoplastic disease and it influence on red blood cells, mean corpuscular volume, and platelet count variations in dogs submitted to total splenectomy

The effects of the different type of spleen neoplastic disease on red blood cells (RBCs), mean corpuscular volume (MCV), and platelet count (PLT) are unknown. We examined 88 dogs (n=88) with benign (GB) or malignant (GM) spleen neoplasia and examined variations in RBCs, MCV, and PLT before(M1), 48 hours after(M2), and 8 days after total splenectomy surgery(M3). Overall, between M1 and M2, RBCs decreased by 12.7%, MCV increased by 0.7%, and PLT increased by 74.3%; between M1 and M3, RBCs decreased by 4.11%, MCV increased by 2.04%, and PLT increased by 129.82%. Variations across M1-M3 for GB and GM patients were, respectively, a 7.14% increase and 15.28% decrease in RBCs, 2.12% and 1.87% increases in MCV, and increases of 248.16% and 103.15% in PLT. We concluded that the type of spleen neoplastic disease does not influence in a statistically significant manner the RBC, MCV, and PLT variations in dogs that underwent total splenectomy.

Miguel Carreira, L., Andreia Marques, Rita Ramalho, Rita Sousa and Pedro Azevedo
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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