Student information and accounting system of cagayan state university – lasam campus, Philippines

The study aimed to develop a fully customized Student Information and Accounting System (SIAS) of Cagayan State University – Lasam Campus to facilitate the enrollment and accounting process and to cater the needs of all the clients and the staff in the delivery of frontline services. It is also compliance to the mandate of the CSC in Section 5 of RA 9485 (Anti-Red Tape Act of 2007). This study followed the framework of Design Science Research for Information Systems, thus, the researcher identified the problems encountered in the enrollment and accounting process, defined the objective of the study, designed and developed the system, deployed and evaluated, and presented the result of the study. The SIAS operates in multiple computer units over the network having a centralized database for data storage and retrieval. It has different integrated features that support the needs of the frontline service providers and the clients. The overall functionality of the SIAS increased the efficiency of the frontline service providers since most of the processes are computerized and automated. The result of the survey along with quality of services, accuracy of records and reports, and timeliness reveals that SIAS is significant and effective instrument in the delivery of frontline services.

Maggay, Jake Guabes
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Int J Inf Res Rev.
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