A study to assess the effectiveness of lamaze breathing exercise on labour pain among primi gravid women admitted in labour ward at MGMC & RI, Puducherry

Reproduction is a basic function of human beings. Pregnancy and delivery are natural, joyous, human events. Childbirth is a universally celebrating event and happiest occasion in a women’s life. Pregnant women commonly worry about the pain they will experience during Labour and childbirth. Labour pain is one of the severest pain. Controlling labour pain is a major concern of maternity care. Nowadays, interest in non-pharmacological methods may be helpful for their Labour experience and also no side effects. Lamaze breathing exercise is one of breathing exercise it helps to manage the pain during Labour and delivery. Aim: The aim of the present study was to evaluate the effectiveness of lamaze breathing exercise on labour pain among primi gravid women in labour ward at MGMC & RI, Puducherry. Material and Methods: The research design adopted for the study was experimental design (Times Series& Reinstituted Design). The study was conducted at labour ward, Mahatma Gandhi Medical college and hospital, Puducherry. Simple random sampling technique (Lottery method) was used to select the samples. Sixty samples were selected for the study (30 samples each in Experimental and Control group). After obtaining the signature in the consent form, data were collected to assess the demographic variables and a Pre-test was carried out to assess the level of pain during labour using Visual Analogue Scale in both the groups. In Experimental group Lamaze breathing exercise was administered and Control group there was no intervention. As the primi gravid women progress with labour the lamaze breathing exercise reinstituted with Pre-test and Post-test. Result: The study result shows that in experimental group Pre-test 1 mean value 4.67 , Post-test 1 mean value 4.07 and control group Pre-test 1 mean value 5.10, Post-test 1 mean value 7.23.In comparing Pre-test 2 and post-test 2 in both groups. In Pre-test2 mean value 5.90, Post-test2 mean value 4.47 and Control group Pre-test 2 mean value 8.87 and post-test 2 mean value 9.33. In experimental group at ‘P’ value 0.9341 and control group at ‘P’ value 0.0000. Comparison between Pre-test2 and Post-test 2 of both groups. In experimental group at ‘P’ value 0.0000 and control group at ‘P’ value 0.0015 .This study reveals that there was a significant reduction in level of pain during labour by using lamaze breathing exercise at p value <0.001 Conclusion: This study reveals that post-test level of pain score was lower than the pre-test score after administration of lamaze breathing exercise. Thus this study proves that lamaze breathing exercise was highly statistically significant in reduction of pain during labour among primi gravid women.

Ms. JayaPradha, D., Prof. Annie Annal, M. and Dr. Renuka, K.
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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