A Study to assess the effectiveness of mindfulness based stress reduction (mbsr) technique in reducing stress among the employees working at selected information technology centres

Stress is not always negative. It may also bring out the best in individuals at times. It may induce an individual to discover innovative and smarter way of doing things. This positive dimension of stress is called as eustress. But usually, the term stress has a negative implication and this negative aspect of stress is termed as distress. For instance - When a subordinate is harassed or warned by his superior, unhappiness of unsuitable job, etc. We can say that “Stress causes some people to break, and other to break records.” The Quantitative Research approach was used in this study. Pre and Post test randomized control research design was selected for this study The study population consists of all the employees working in Information Technology Centers. The employees working in IT sectors affected with professional stress. The study was conducted in two different Information Technology centers. In IT Sector I the interventions (MBSR Technique) was administered. In IT Sector II the interventions was not administered. There is 20 (40%) of the employees had very severe stress and 19 (38%) of the employees had severe stress in pre test. After administering the intervention, the post test level of stress reveals that 19 (38%) of the employees had no stress, 25(50%) of the employees had mild stress and 6 (12%) of the employees had moderate stress in IT Sector I. In IT sector II 16(32%) of the employees had very stress, 20(40%) of the employees had severe stress, 8 (16%) of them had moderate stress and 6(12%) of them had mild stress in pre test. 20 (40%) had very severe stress, 16(32%) had severe stress, 6(12%) had moderate stress and 8(16%) of the employees had mild stress in post test.

Sathiyakala, K. and Dr. R. Danasu
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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