Study of yoga versus exercise therapy in the management of mechanical low back pain

Background: Mechanical low back pain is one of the major 21st century adversity, and 2nd leading cause of disability. Back pain is a common health problem, with more than 50% of adults bothered by it each year and 70% to 80% of adults afflicted by it at some time in their lives. Yoga offers a holistic approach to health and is now considered a form of mind-body medicine within complementary and alternative medicine. Physiotherapists are beginning to recognize yoga as a form of treatment for musculoskeletal and cardio respiratory conditions. Objective: The objective of the study was to compare effectiveness of yoga and exercise therapy in the management of mechanical low back pain. Method: Total 60 subjects with mechanical low back pain were devided in to two groups. Yoga group and exercise group. Yoga group underwent yogic counselling, asanas, and instant relaxation technique and exercise group underwent educational talk, strengthening exercises, and supine rest. Subjects evaluated for disability and flexibility with Roland Morris Disability Questionnaire and sit and reach box test respectively. Data was collected at baseline and at 4th& 8th week. Results: Yoga and exercise therapy both showed a significant reduction in disability and improvement in back flexibility. Conclusion: Yoga and exercise therapy both are effective in the management of mechanical low back pain.

Dhanesh Kumar, K. U., Sarika Desai, Siddarth shetty and Siddharth Shetty
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