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Rock art paintings in Villupuram district – A study

Villupuram district of Tamilnadu in India is rich and plenty of rock and paintings. The pioneering task was traced out by K.V. Raman, R.Pandidurai and K.T. Gandhi and has also done concrete work by documentation and photography. The present study has covered some sites where rock out painting found in Villupuram district. The symbol at Kilvalai are similar to those of Indus valley seals but these are chromatically post – dated to Indus Valley as it has horse symbols which are absent in Indeus valley civilization.

Study of cement treated base agreagate properties for pavement structure

Balancing out materials with concrete is an appealing alternative to enable less reasonable materials to be utilized as base course or subbase. This is particularly the situation when great quality common materials are definitely not accessible or rare. Concrete TreatedAggregate Base (CTAB) is a non-conventional method used to improve aggregate's engineering properties due to the hardening of cement when moisture is present and extends during the period of curing times.

Effective assessment of reading in the certificate of elementary primary education

Evalation is defined as a process which enables to get an award on developed competences in order to decide or to act. This study has bean performed upon the analysis of the evalution of reading activity concerning the Elementary Primary Studies Certificate (Certificat d’Etudes Primaires Elémentaires). It starts from hypothesis: there is a gap between the Institutional prescription about the evaluation of reading activity and the reality of that evaluation concerning the Elementary Primary Studies Certificate.

Comparative study of anaemia with the degree of glycaemic control in type 2 diabetes mellitus in Bangladeshi population

Introduction: Anemia is defined as a reduction in the hemoglobin concentration of blood, which consequently reduces the oxygen-carrying capacity of red blood cells such that they are unable to meet the body’s physiological needs. Several reports have indicated that anemia mostly occurs in diabetic patients with renal insufficiency while limited studies have reported the incidence of anemia in people with diabetes prior to evidence of renal impairment. Other studies have also identified anemia as a risk factor for the need for renal replacement therapy in diabetes.

Karyotypic studies in white seed variety of Abrus precatorius L.

The genus Abrus precatorius L. belongs to the legume family Fabaceae. It has highly medicinal value. Roots are used as substitute for liquorices. Leaves and seeds are used in Ayurvedic medicine. The seeds are used as weights by goldsmiths. The present investigation was carried out on karyotypic studies in white seed variety of Abrus precatorius L. The chromosome numbers were found to be 2n=22. The Karyotype in white seed variety of Abrus precatorius L. was asymmetrical.

Trends in prevalence of diabetes in India and its associated factors

Diabetes is one of the most common chronic disease in the present world. Socio-economic growth and industrialization are rapidly occurring in India,the urban-rural divide in prevalence is narrowing as urbanization is spreading widely, adversely affecting the lifestyle of populations. Indians have a greater ethnic and genetic predisposition to diabetes so the younger people are also affected with diabetes. The burden of the disease is increasing and it is a costly disease for developing countries.

The composition of existence and the definition of spirit, heart and mind according to quantum physics

Due The study of the composition of our existence is divided into two schools: natural science and social or spiritual disciplines. Natural science tells us we are made of matter and energy. Social or spiritual disciplines study the spiritual and conscious aspects of our existence. In this paper, we demonstrate that everyone and everything is made of matter, energy, and information. Wepropose to identify and define spiritas the content of information, spiritual heart as the receiver of information, and mind as the processor of information respectively.

EFL teacher’s attitudes towards blended learning in Tabuk, Saudi Arabia

This study investigated secondary stage EFL teachers’ attitudes towards Blended Learning (BL) in Tabuk city. The research instrument, was used by the researcher to collect quantitative data from a random sample of 50 EFL teachers, was a questionnaire to measure EFL teachers' attitudes towards it. The findings of the attitude questionnaire indicated teachers’satisfaction and positive attitudes towards BL and highlighted the need to provide them with training sessions, resources, capabilities and support for effective implementation.

Impact of value congruence on employee job satisfaction: The mediating effect of person-job fit

This paper is designed to investigate the effect of Person-Organization Fit (Value Congruence) on job satisfaction. Further the role of person-job fit is assessed as a mediator between endogenous and exogenous latent constructs. The officials of Law Enforcement Agency of Jammu and Kashmir State (JKP) were the sample respondent of this study. Data was collect by personally administering the questionnaire to the sample respondents during their office hours. Confirmatory Factor Analysis (CFA), Partial Least square Structural Equation Modeling (PLS-SEM) techniques were used for the analysis.