The trend of spatial labour mobility in informal spatial clusters in West Bengal: alternative regional development paradigm

The present study is an effort to focus on the nature and process of spatial labour mobility in case of informal sector occupations. In this sense, the study objects to detect the factors that determine labour mobility processes and their influences on the processes. To reveal this, the study is confined to a particular informal sector occupation, namely the Gems and Jewellery industry. For this, the study has selected a specific site, i.e. Domjur in Howrah district, due to its significant position in the map of migration in West Bengal. The study further attempts to detect whether spatial migration in Domjur shows a J-Curve effect in migration. To reveal this, the logical argumentation of the study is based upon literature support, case studies conducted, and the sample survey results. The micro-level field studies, sampling design and data analysis are based on the standard model approach in order to avoid spatial homogeneity.

Sri SukantaSaha
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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