The trends and shifting paradigms in literary research and the teaching of poetry: the example of anglophone Cameroon

This paper sets out to examine the trends and shifting paradigms in the teaching of poetry in Anglophone Cameroon. The main thrust of the argument of this paper is built around the hypothetical contention that the three phases that characterized the evolution and development of Anglophone Cameroonian poetry have facilitated the teaching of this genre. The three phases which are adopt, adapt and the adept have constituted the framework for this pedagogic methodology. Using the New historicist critical theory and the precepts enunciated by Erwin R. Goodenough, G. Van der Peet, M. Afr. and Walter Lippmann, for the evaluation of the poetry of Bernard Fonlon, Bongasu-Tanla Kishani, Konglanjo!(1988) and John Ngong Kum Ngong’s Snatched from the Grave, (2010) this paper proposes a thorough consideration of these three phases in the teaching of poetry.

Andrew T. Ngeh,
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