Trends of ischemic heart disease in the uk and us after who guidance is implemented

Objective: Research was conducted to identify trends of ischemic heart disease in the United Kingdom and the United States. Evaluation of the World Health Organization (WHO) was researched to identify tools used to improve outcomes of ischemic heart disease in the United Kingdom, United States and lower income countries. Method: Reviews of literature from nursing data bases (CINAHL and Medline – Pubmed) with the terms heart disease, United Kingdom, United States, and World Health Organization were used. Studies were conducted by evaluating country trends and how the role of the World Health Organization changed outcomes over time. Results: The literature search located 11 articles from CINAHL and 7 articles from Medline – Pubmed. A total of 8 articles were analyzed. Additional sources of data were obtained from Conclusion: All of the articles concluded that early recognition to health and lifestyle behaviors can affect outcomes of heart disease. The studies showed that changes in exercise, stress, nutrition, cigarette smoking, alcohol and management of other disease processes can affect ischemic heart disease outcomes. Studies showed that more needs to be done to improve outcomes for low and middle income countries.

Patrick O’Connell, R.N.
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