Understanding the determinants of ecological behavior of young Moroccans

Concern about environmental deterioration is one of the most relevant problems among international community. Morocco had agreed to Kyoto protocol, Paris Agreement, organized the COP22 with an ambitious agenda and NDC program. Morocco is as well engaged in huge investments in solar (NOOR 1, 2, 3), wind and renewable energies. We are interested in this paper in understanding the determinants of the ecological behavior of Moroccan youth. A conceptual framework is proposed based on the literature review and an exploratory study conducted in university based on focus groups (80 students), one-to-one semi-directive interviews (20) and a final focus group with socially engaged students in university clubs (20). Findings of this study showed that environmental attitudes, environmental knowledge are linked to ecological behavior. It emphasized the necessity to include situational influences to the framework and highlight emergent factors for youth like routines (habits), past behaviors and group references. 

Daadaoui, L. and Saoud, S.
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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