Unilateral orbital emphysema following forceful nose blowing: A case report

Orbital emphysema is an abnormal condition in which air is present within orbit. It is commonly seen in fractures or bony dehiscence of ethmoid sinus. We present a case of a 45 year old female who developed sudden onset of painless orbital emphysema following forceful nose blowing. There was no vision defect, no previous sinus disease, surgery or facial trauma. CT scan of orbit and PNS showed a deficient area in lamina papyracea with prolapse of orbital fat into the adjacent anterior ethmoidal cells with preseptal emphysema. Patient was managed conservatively with oral antibiotics, nasal decongestants and avoiding nose blowing and straining. The condition resolved after one week.

Swayamsidha H. Andhale, Nicola Barreto and Pranav P. Nagarsenkar
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