The use of nitrous oxide in dental implant: Literature review

Objective: to demonstrate how to use nitrous oxide during dental implant procedures in dentistry and its main advantages, disadvantages, recommendations and contraindications by means of literature review. Methodology: the main electronic data base for library catalogue was used in this study (PUBMED, SCIELO and BVS), from 2000 to 2016, with the following keywords: dental implant, conscious sedation and nitrous oxide. Seventeen articles were selected by set out inclusion criteria and twelve of them were excluded for not being literature review works, nor systemic or case report, neither did them approach advantages or disadvantages of nitrous oxide during surgery and demonstrate the most important situation of the nitrous oxide use in Dentistry. Results: the works showed that the use of nitrous oxide during surgery procedures is a feasible alternative when it comes to the patient being afraid or anxious, Thus, making the patient more cooperative to the proposed treatment, since it acts in the nervous system, by causing a slight depression in the brain cortex. In some situations, the advantage provided by using thistechnique may not work in the patient, putting his life at risk. In such cases, the procedure must be aborted and maneuvers must be performed. Conclusion: This technique is considered to be safe in dentistry, for the anxiolytic and analgesic effect guarantee safe surgery procedures, however it is required the professional to be qualified for doing so.

Ana Larisse Carneiro Pereira, Jefferson David Melo de Matos, Natividade da Costa Siebra, 3Bruna Caroline Gonçalves de Vasconcelos and John EversongLucena de Vasconcelos
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Int J Biol Med Res.
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