Users perception on the public cloud security risk and data monetization

The subject of interest is that individuals and small businesses have a security uncertainty about how the public cloud manage their information.The objective is to close the knowledge gap of what, why, how, where and who is responsible for the cloud security uncertainty.Thefirst research criteria is to explain the public cloud security dilemma in its architecture and infrastructure; then, explain why and where the public cloud has security problem; and third, use trust and the original prospect theory to understandwhy individuals and small businesses use the PC. The latter is the research innovation which provide new knowledge on user’s perception. The resultsare important as it was foundthe public cloud is a business model that monetizes its user’s data, and the perceived security uncertainty is a confidentiality problem.The literature review on cloud monetization is scarce, the current trend of cloud providers is to breach users’ confidentiality to monetize their data. This researchclears the public cloud security uncertainty perceived by individuals and small businesses. It also provides new insights on how to predictconsumer’s behavior in decisions with different levels of risk, and provides a detailed description of where is the security uncertainty of the public cloud.

Emmanuel Guzmán Rodríguez, Enrique Medina Sánchez and Ángel Ojeda Castro
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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